Zhizaibide Avengers Toys Model Hulk Doll Toys Crafts Pvc Gift Box

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Product Description

  • Very handsome, with a height of 26 cm, is a very worthy collection of model anime decorations.
  • The shape of the Hulk is very realistic and highly restored the original character image of the movie.
  • The large-scale realistic Hulk model can be used for animation decoration, and the details are very exciting.
  • Very handsome, the large movable Hulk is 26 cm high and is a collection of model anime decorations.
  • If you are a collector, put him on your desk and it will become your exquisite doll desktop anime ornament.

Product Name: Alliance Green Giant Model

Size: height 26 cm

Age: 14 years old or older

Material: PVC

Uses: personal preferences collection, gifts, exquisite desktop animation accessories

Can be used for favorite collections or send children, birthday gifts, send boyfriends, desktop decorations and other great anime models.

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