Springer Pinsel 2750 Oil Painting Brush with Pure Red Marten Hair, Tongues, Size 18, Multi-Color Springer Pinsel_2750-18

£ 35 72

Product Description

  • For oil painting
  • Pure red marten hair tongues
  • Seamless silver clasps
  • Long black lacquered wooden handle
  • Made in Germany

Product Description

brush for oil painting. Pure red marten hair tongues. Seamless silver clasps. Long black lacquered wooden handle. Brush is manufactured with extreme care and with exclusively handpicked materials. The professional trained brush makers form the hairs and fix them into the ferrules. After that the "brush-heads" are connected to the individual designed handles. Ideal for all different kinds of painting. Made in . It is available in size 18.

Safety Warning

not appropriate for children under the age of 1 year

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