Sakura Color aqueous marker Piguma 02 green ESDK02 # 29/10 set (japan import)

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Product Description

  • Size: 135mm cap weight: 9g axis cap breech Material: PP clip Material: Steel destination stopper Material: Brass pen tip Material: POM ink (water-based pigment)
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ESDK02 # 29
  • Quantity: 10 sets

Piguma series since it has pigment ink used is water resistance that is hard to flow through the water. It is light resistance that direct sunlight does not fade even hit. It is not bleeding, even pulling from the top line marker. Applications: Labels such as a floppy disk. Note letter-illustration. Facsimile copy manuscript. Heat-sensitive copying, plate-making. Drawings, documents and save important documents. (Patent registered, trademarked, registered design)

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