Carded Wool Batts - Core Wool (100g (medium), Brown) heidifeathers

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:100g (medium)



Product Description

  • Carded Jacob Wool In Natural Shades
  • Wool Carded into a long thick sheet
  • The Wool is Soft and Easy to Pull Sections for Felting or Spinning
  • Ideal Core Wool for Felting as Fast to Felt with
  • Contains some vegetable matter (dried grass etc)

Product description

Size: 00g (medium) | Colour: Brown
Choose the natural shade and the quantity from the drop down menu Carded Jacob Batts in natural shades (please note the black is actually a very dark brown). This popular British Breed is perfect for Needle ing D sculptures -5 Microns it will give a robust felt, however it is very soft to handle and easy to work with, fibres separate very easily and felt very fast. Also can be used for wet felting and spinning. Each 00g batt is approx 40cm x 75cm in size, and approx 2-4cm thick. The 200g is 40cm and 50cm in size and approx 2-4cm thick. Please allow +/- 5% (Please note: The batts may contain vegetable matter)

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