BIEE Floam Slime Air Dry Clay Stress Relief Sludge Toys Ultra Light Modeling Dough Magic Clay - 12 Colors

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Product Description

  • ★Color: As The Picture Shows.
  • ★Material: Air Dry Clay.Weight:216g.
  • ★Extremely Soft and Flexible: Air Dry Clay is extremely Soft and Flexible, Easy for Kids to Shape, Air dries completely in 24 hours. No Need Baking.
  • ★Shape and Once Cool can be Sanded, Drilled, Magic Clay Takes 24 Hours to Fully Harden. Perfect for Jewelry, Home Decor, Mixed Media, Seasonal Items and More.
  • ★Intelligence Development: Keep kids occupied with Our Magic Clay and Stay Away from Electronics, It is Great for Sensory Development Increase Operation Ability Enhanced Creativity, Play-Based Learning


Ultra Light Clay with bright and vibrant colors, kids can use the clay to create some Christmas ornaments or whatever they can imagine, the project they made is gonna be awesome!


Perfect way to understand kids' inner world by kneading mud.
Kids to learn the color, shape and structure while playing.
Ideal for a wide range of hands-on learning projects and sculpting activities.
Keep your kids away from electronics, this can help them develop their creativity and imagination while play based learning.


For children under the age of years, please use under adult supervision.

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